C´an Joan de S´aigo

It is a classic in Palma de Mallorca, venerated by the people of Palma and by all visitors who are lucky enough to be able to taste these delicacies.
There are two locations in Palma. The best communication is the Calle Barón Santa Maria del Sepulcro, the street in front of the English Court of Jaime III. You almost always end up with queue of people waiting, but have patience as it is well worth it.

Generally the tastings are fast and there is a great mobility of tables, so you should hardly wait for more than ten minutes. The typical thing is to be able to taste their ensaimadas, but it has a great variety for all tastes. Personally I get lost for the meringue milk ice cream. I think without a doubt it is the best place in Spain where I have tried it.

The second place is near the Cathedral, but it is quite complicated to find it. I leave the address in case you want to go.

The web is the Paleolithic that gives you security problems in your browser. He’s in Italy. With what I will translate the essence of it.

Says so:
“At the beginning of the 18th century, ‘Joan de Se Aigo’ was an entrepreneur who used the winter to recruit men who collected with him in the Sierra de Tramuntana the snow and kept it to the ‘houses of snow’.

The houses of snow were constructions excavated in the land of the mountains of the Mountain range. They kept and accumulated the snow falling during the winter to have ice reserves for spring and early summer on the island. With this ice and snow the so-called ‘snow breads’ were formed.

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